W dniach 13-15 czerwca 2013 r. odbędzie się we Wrocławiu konferencja “A man doth not live by bread only”. Food, Kitchen and Cuisine in Antiquity. Abstrakty wystąpień przesyłać można do 31 grudnia 2012 r.
Scientific committee:

  • prof. Petr Charvat (West Bohemian University Plzen)
  • prof. Karel van Lerberghe (Catholic University Leuven)
  • prof. Gościwit Malinowski (University of Wrocław)
  • prof. Jakub Pigoń (University of Wrocław)


  • Institute of Classical, Mediterranean and Oriental Studies, University of Wrocław.
  • Confucius Institute in the University of Wrocław, Poland

Food is essential for live. But one must admit, that from the beginning of human civilization the cuisine was invented and developed to make food also essential for the good mood as well as for the standard of living. Concerning this obviousness some questions could be asked: Where should we look for the beginning of cuisine? How people developed their food and dishes? What and why was found as the particular delicacy? What spices were used and was there another purpose of it apart from the taste? How were the similarities and differences between the food of different nations? Are there any loan-dishes among the ancient civilizations?

The most important topics of the conference should be as follows:

  • The food as the element of social and cultural life
  • Holy and tabooed food, and food offerings
  • Food, kitchen and cuisine in the ancient literature
  • Food, kitchen and cuisine in the historical and archaeological analysis
  • Habits and customs related to food, cuisine and eating
  • Kitchenware and kitchen equipment in antiquity
  • Techniques of food processing
  • The names of the foodstuff, kitchenware, kitchen equipment and activities related to food and eating in the light of linguistics and anthropolinguistics

This conference will take a comparative approach, taking a wide geographical and chronological sweep. We warmly invite all scholars whose subject of study is the ancient Greece and Rome as well as the ancient Near and Far East.
The conference is hosted by the Institute of Classical, Mediterranean and Oriental Studies and Confucius Insitute, University of Wrocław, Poland on June 13th-15th, 2013. The language of the conference is English.
Proposals are now invited for individual papers. Proposals of no longer than 300 words (in English) can be submitted by 31st December 2012 to the conference e-mail: food.and.cuisine@uni.wroc.pl
The proposals will be accepted after the revision by the scientific committee by 28th February 2013. The final programme of the conference will be released by 31st of March 2013.
Papers will be grouped in different sessions dedicated to the different regions of the ancient world.
The conference fee is €100 and should be paid until 15th of March 2013. The number of the bank account will be send in the first circular.
Should you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact the organizers, Stefan Nowicki and Małgorzata Zadka, Institute of Classical, Mediterranean and Oriental Studies, University of Wrocław, sending your e-mail to the conference address.