Greek (Hi)stories through the Lens
Photographs, Photographers & their Testimonies
(London, Thursday 9 – Saturday 11 June 2011)
Their aesthetic attributes apart, photographs have been seen (and used) as another historical source of documentation; as symbolic capital in collective narratives and propaganda wars; as windows onto a past that may or may not be singular; as testimonies that record as much the interests and concerns of photographers as they do the lives of their animate subjects and their surroundings.
Speakers are invited to engage with the above ‘truisms’ by focusing on photographic depictions of Greeks and Greece from the 1840s to the present in an empirical, and where appropriate, theoretical and comparative context. In addition to keynote speeches, speakers are expected to address through circa 30-minute papers a number of broad themes, including:

  • Every-day lives
  • Physical remains and material culture (including archaeological monuments)
  • Refugees and migrants
  • War and its aftermath
  • The lives of photographs and their photographers
  • Processes of circulation and contexts of consumption
  • Photographs as artefacts
  • Photographic conventions and the establishment of a photographic canon
  • Photography, memory and counter-memory
  • Photography and the historical narrative

Call for papers:

Organising committee

Karim Arafat
Philip Carabott
Lorraine Stylianou