10 Years of Balkanology in Toruń

On this occasion Institute of the Slavic Philology of the University of Torun organizes international conference: Convergence and divergence within the Balkan KEG. Language – Culture – Literature – History

Toruń 2-4 December 2010

Preferred subjects:

  • convergence/divergence in language/literature/art
  • new approaches to balkanology
  • dialectology
  • new/unknown Balkanic features
  • small ethnolects
  • Balkan conditioned problems of national identity
  • image of Europe in the Balkans
  • problems regarding translation from/on Balkan languages
  • teaching of Balkan languages
  • lexicology and lexicography of Balkan languages

Other subjects may also be concerned.
Languages of the conference are English and all Balkanic languages. However speakers will be asked to deliver in advance English translation of the paper which will be copied and distributed to all participants.
Conference fee is 400zł/100Euro (fee covers: conference materials, 2 nights in the hotel, reception)
Organization committee: Viara Maldjieva, Irena Sawicka, Adam Kola, Anna Korytowska
Mailing address: balkanica10@gmail.com
Instytut Filologii Słowiańskiej UMK
Ul. Podmurna 9/11, 87-100 Toruń, PL
Participants are asked to deliver by 30 May the title of the paper, key words which can help in classifying of the paper to a subject group, and a short summary of the paper (in any of the conference languages). Participants will be notified whether the paper is accepted by 30 of June.  Conference fee should be paid by 30 of September.
Application   30 May 2010
Notification about acceptance 30 June 2010
Sending of English translation and conference fee 30 September 2010
Further information will be send to participants accepted by the organization committee.