Instytut Filologii Klasycznej UW serdecznie zaprasza na seminarium doktoranckie prof. Mikołaja Szymańskiego, podczas którego Prof. Peter Kruschwitz (University of Reading) wygłosi wykład pt. We Were the Other 99%: The Epigraphic Poetry of Rome’s Poor and Disadvantaged. Seminarium odbędzie się 10 maja 2017 r. o godz. 18.30 w siedzibie IFK (sala 103 im. T. Zielińskiego).

Streszczenie wystąpienia:

Roman poetry and song, the way we tend to study it in University contexts, is, by and large, an upper-class phenomenon, produced by the protegés of wealthy patrons, with an ill-defined relationship to the ruling class. At the same time even our own experience teaches us that the delights and aesthetic pleasure that lies in the art of words and sounds is one that is universal, transgressing all social constructs and boundaries. This was true for ancient Rome as well, of course. But how did the other 99%, so to speak, conceptualise and reflect on their lives, experiences, and situation (beyond their own life spans) in their poems? Is there something such as a Roman lower or under-class mentality to be gathered from these texts? Focusing on evidence from the Carmina Latina Epigraphica, this paper proposes to examine a selection of texts that address topics of financial, social, and ethnic exclusion and abandonment in the ancient world, looking at the poetics of poverty, class boundaries, and migration.