Dnia 15 maja 2017 r. o godz. 17.30 w Kolegium Artes Liberales w Warszawie (ul. Dobra 72) obędzie się wykład pt. Reviving Orestes: the sound of the Chorus, który wygłosi Prof. Armand D’Angour (Uniwersytet Oxfordzki). 

Resume wykładu:
This talk will explain what we know about ancient Greek music, its rhythms, melodies, and instruments. I will explain how these principles can be applied, as they have recently been for the first time, to the authentic reconstruction of some of the precious fragments of ancient music. These documents are preserved on papyrus and stone documents, and the most ancient is the chorus from Euripides Orestes (first performed in 408 BC) which will be recreated at Gardzienice. Videos of experts performing on recently constructed auloi, the instrument used to accompany dramatic choruses, will be shown to demonstrate some of the techniques and sounds that ancient ears could expect to hear. A parallel with the Sardinian launeddas will indicate how modern performers of that instrument can contribute to our knowledge of ancient practices.