W dniach 26-28 marca 2015 r. odbędzie się w Berlinie spotkanie Renaissance Society of America. Jedna z sesji poświęcona będzie „roli chronologii w intelektualnej historii okresu wczesnonowożytnego”: propozycje wystąpień (do 150 słów) wraz z krótkim CV należy przesyłać do 26 maja 2014 r. do dr. Michała Choptianego (michal.choptiany@al.uw.edu.pl).
Informacje organizatora:

Renaissance Society of America, Annual Meeting, 26-28 March 2015, Berlin
CFP: Early Modern Chronologies session

The early modern period witnessed the full bloom of scientific chronology thanks to the development of new scientific and scholarly tools and (re-)discovery of certain historical sources. Catholic, Calvinist, Lutheran and even Socinian scholars – among them philologists and astronomers, historians and astrologers – explored enthusiastically ancient and/or exotic languages, historical records and astronomical data in order to reconstruct and date events from the common Judaeo-Christian history and to synchronize their dating with other systems of time-reckoning.
This session will consider the role of chronology in the intellectual history of early modern period from various angles, among them: (1) relationship between chronology and other disciplines of knowledge in early modern period; (2) scholarly workshop of particular Renaissance chronologists; (3) teaching of chronology in early modern schools; (4) chronological models and their impact on historiography; (5) cultural and social impact of chronological disputes.
Please send paper proposals (150-word maximum) followed by a brief CV (300-word maximum) to me [Michał Choptiany – przyp. red.] by May 26th.
Michał Choptiany (michal.choptiany@al.uw.edu.pl)
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