Innovative multidisciplinary PhD program in ancient history / classical studies centered on the Eastern Mediterranean between the 4th c. BC and late antiquity. Open to new applicants and current PhD students from other programs who wish to transfer. Study for four years with the best in Wroclaw and Liverpool and receive a fee waiver and a scholarship paid by the European Union. Studies Apply on-line by 29 February 2012.
This project aims at introducing doctoral students to independent research work in the field of classical/ancient Mediterranean studies sensu largo, conducted under supervision of senior faculty members representing different research expertise and educational traditions. During first three years of their program students will be offered a broad range of post-graduate level classes in Liverpool and Wroclaw with the assumption that study load for each individual will be decided case by case by their supervisors working in conjunction with the project coordinator. The fourth year is devoted exclusively to writing a dissertation which is a major publishable-quality research paper. All students, however, will have to prove their ability to read Greek texts by sitting a Greek exam prior to opening the doctoral procedure. This normally should happen no later than by the end of the fourth semester. Student are also expected to pass an exam of a modern language other than English or their native tongue. Normally student’s supervisor determine what language they are supposed to select. Prospective students should note that all post-doctoral education in this program as well as dissertations are in English.

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