W dniach 4-6 lipca 2011 r. odbędzie się na Uni­ver­sity of Southamp­ton (UK)  Sec­ond Bien­nial Con­fer­ence of the Soci­ety for the Medieval Mediter­ranean
Call for papers
This three-day con­fer­ence will bring schol­ars together to explore the inter­ac­tion of the var­i­ous peo­ples, soci­eties, faiths and cul­tures of the medieval Mediter­ranean, a region which had been com­monly rep­re­sented as divided by sig­nif­i­cant reli­gious and cul­tural dif­fer­ences. The objec­tive of the con­fer­ence is to high­light the extent to which the medieval Mediter­ranean was not just an area of con­flict but also a highly per­me­able fron­tier across which peo­ple, goods and ideas crossed and influ­enced neigh­bour­ing cul­tures and soci­eties.
We invite pro­pos­als for 20-minute papers in the fields of archae­ol­ogy, art and archi­tec­ture, ethnog­ra­phy, his­tory (includ­ing the his­to­ries of sci­ence, med­i­cine and car­tog­ra­phy), lan­guages, lit­er­a­ture, music, phi­los­o­phy and reli­gion.
Sub­mis­sion on the fol­low­ing top­ics would be par­tic­u­larly welcome:

  • Activ­i­ties of mis­sion­ary orders
  • Artis­tic con­tacts and exchanges
  • Byzan­tine and Mus­lim navies
  • Cap­tives and slaves
  • Car­goes, gal­leys and warships
  • Cartography
  • Cos­tume and vestments
  • Diplomacy
  • Judaism and Jew­ish Mediter­ranean History
  • Lit­er­ary con­tacts and exchanges
  • Mate­r­ial Culture
  • Minor­ity Pop­u­la­tions in the Chris­t­ian and Islamic Worlds
  • Mir­rors for Princes
  • Music, sacred and secular
  • Port towns/city states
  • Rela­tions between Jews, Chris­tians and Muslims
  • Reli­gious prac­tices: saints, cults and heretics
  • Sci­en­tific exchange, includ­ing astron­omy, med­i­cine and mathematics
  • Sea­far­ing, sea­man­ship and shipbuilding
  • Sufis & Sufi Orders in North Africa and the Levant
  • Sul­tans, kings and other rulers
  • Trade and Pilgrimage
  • Travel writing
  • War­fare: mer­ce­nar­ies and crusaders

Please send any enquiries and abstracts of papers of 300 words max­i­mum together with a brief CV to the organ­is­ers, Dr Fran­cois Soyer (f.j.soyer@soton.ac.uk) and Rebecca Bridg­man (rmb77@cam.ac.uk). We also wel­come pro­pos­als for 3-paper ses­sions. The dead­line for the sub­mis­sion of abstracts is 1 Octo­ber 2010.
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