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Spis treści:

  • DANIEL SELDEN, Text Networks
  • SILVIA MONTIGLIO, ‘My soul, consider what you should do’: Psychological Conflicts and Moral Goodness in the Greek Novels
  • REGINE MAY, An Ass from Oxyrhynchus: P.Oxy. LXX.4762, Loukios of Patrae and the Milesian Tales
  • WYTSE KEULEN, Different Drinking Habits: Satirical Strategies of Self-fashioning in Antonine ego-narrative
  • DENNIS PAUSCH, libellus non tam diserte quam fideliter scriptus? Unreliable Narration in the Historia Augusta


  • I.J.F. DE JONG & R. NŰNLIST (eds.): Time in Ancient Literature (Reviewed by Vered Lev Kenaan)
  • E. BARAGWANATH: Motivation and Narrative in Herodotus (Reviewed by P. I. McMullen)
  • R. BRETHES: De l’idéalisme au réalisme. Une étude du comique dans le roman grec, préf. (en anglais) de David Konstan (Reviewed by Koen De Temmerman)
  • JONATHAN PRAG & IAN REPATH (eds.): Petronius: A Handbook (Reviewed by Marc Kleijwegt)
  • W.RIESS (ed.): Paideia at Play: Learning and Wit in Apuleius (Reviewed by Paula James)
  • L. GRAVERINI: I Metamorfosi di Apuleio: Letteratura e Identità (Reviewed by Richard Fletcher)
  • STAVROS FRANGOULIDIS: Witches, Isis and Narrative. Approaches to Magic in Apuleius’ Metamorphoses (Reviewed by Wytse Keulen)
  • J. PERKINS: Roman Imperial Identities in the Early Christian Era (Reviewed by Alberto Quiroga)

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