Do 15 marca 2020 r. można nadsyłać zgłoszenia na sympozjum Healing Places in the Ancient and Medieval World, które odbędzie się w Pradze w dniach 22-25 września 2020 r.
This symposium, the sixth in the series of collaborations, aims to bring together scholars of dierent disciplines and specialisations who are interested in the formation and evolution of places or spaces for healing in the pre-historic, ancient and mediaeval worlds, their relations with the religious and rational spheres and also how we are able to identify them today from the archaeological, osteological and textual record.

The identication of structures and places associated with the practice of curing or evidence for the worship of deities believed to prevent and protect from or heal illness, further enrich the reconstruction and understanding of medical practice in the past. The aim of the conference is to bring together scholars of dierent disciplines and specializations who are interested in in-patient and clinical care and therapy in all aspects and forms such as cabinets, private, valetudinaria, temples and holy places, asklepieia, and xenodocheia, from prehistory up to medieval times.

We welcome a wide spectrum of papers presenting different perspectives incl. an interdisciplinary approach, as well as case studies.

Kontakt: Tomas Alusik, PhD (Charles University,