W dniach 6-19 sierpnia 2018 r. w Poznaniu odbędzie się letnia szkoła języka łacińskiego (i greckiego) organizowana przez Instytut Filologii Klasycznej UAM i Polskie Towarzystwo Filologiczne. 

Schola Aestiva Latinitatis Vivae Posnaniensis
We are excited to announce the schedule of the next edition of our Summer Living Latin and Ancient Greek School in Poznań, Poland. The classes take place every day from 6 August to 19 August, 2018 (location: Instytut Filologii Klasycznej UAM, Fredry 10, Poznań).
Our courses, which adopt the Direct Method, are offered at four (or five) proficiency levels in Latin:
1. Tirones—for total beginners—this course is based on Chapters I-X from Familia Romana by H. Ørberg and selected passages from the new handbook FORUM (http://www.polisjerusalem.org/forum-speaking-latin);
2. Tirones medii—for elementary students—this course is based on Chapters X-XX from from Familia Romana by H. Ørberg and selected passages from the new handbook FORUM;
(2b.Tirones medii II—for pre-intermediate students with knowledge of Latin basics—this course is based on Chapters XX-XXX from Familia Romana; this course will be offered only with sufficient enrolment.)
3. Tirones provectiores—for intermediate students;
4. Veterani—for advanced students.
In our classes we incorporate also selected passages from the newest handbook FORUM (http://www.polisjerusalem.org/forum-speaking-latin).
Greek classes are offered at two levels:
1. Tirones—for those who have never studied Ancient Greek before;
2. Veterani—for advanced students.
This year our courses are conducted by such instructors as Cecilie Koch, Paolo Pezzuolo, Anna Rogowska, Rogelio Toledo, Marcin Loch, Christian Kupfer, Martin Freundorfer.
We organise lodging for course participants in the hall of residence “Jowita” (Zwierzyniecka 7, Poznań; double rooms, hostel standards)—a 48.6 PLN fee for the first night, then 21.6 PLN per night.
The price does not include any meals.
Participation fee: 200 PLN.
Application forms are to be submitted to martinus.loch@gmail.com no later than 25 July, 2018. Each file must be in the .doc format and its name must include submitter’s SURNAME and FIRST NAME (as in: smith.john.doc). If any difficulties are encountered, please send an email to this email address too.