W ramach kolejnego Seminarium Śródziemnomorskiego dr Ine Jacobs (University of Oxford) przedstawi referat pt. Reuse, relocation and reinterpretation of pagan statuary in the sixth century: Sagalassos and beyond. Seminarium odbędzie się w Collegium Maius Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego, w „Sali pod Belkami”, w środę 10 maja 2017 r., o godzinie 17.00.

Streszczenie wystąpienia
It was long thought that pagan and mythological statuary played only a minor role in the later centuries of Antiquity. At best, it remained standing as ornamentation, with or without ‘mutilations’, while the city changed around it. Detailed archaeological research of a statue’s surroundings can, however, throw new light on this matter and reveal that contemporary inhabitants did care about statuary, moved it around, gave it new interpretations and so on, far into the sixth century. This paper will examine case-studies from Sagalassos as well as other cities of the Roman East and attempt to reconstruct the various meaning and purposes of pagan gods and mythological personae in the sixth century.