23 lutego o godz. 18:30 w sali konferencyjnej (s. nr 108) nowego gmachu Wydziału Historycznego UW prof. Jan Bremmer (Uniwersytet w Groningen) wygłosi wykład pt. The Beginning, Middle and End of Animal Sacrifice in Antiquity.
Streszczenie wykładu:
It is now more than 40 years ago, actually in 1972, that René Girard and Walter Burkert, both still alive, published their grand narratives about the origins of sacrifice. I need not rehearse their theories here, as this has been well done by Fritz Graf in the recent collection on sacrifice edited by Chris Faraone and Fred Naiden, but it seems to me that the earlier historiography of sacrifice has not yet been satisfactorily sketched. Fred Naiden’s recent survey still insufficiently takes into account the complicated interrelationships between the United Kingdom, Germany and France. Thus I will start with a few observations on the period around 1900 (§ 1) and then return to the major preoccupation of Burkert, the origin of sacrifice in the hunt and offer a few new data and considerations in this respect with regards to ancient Greece (§ 2). I will proceed with looking at sacrifice in the time of the early Roman Empire. (§ 3), and conclude with making some observations on the end of ancient sacrifice (§ 4).