Ukazał się kolejny tom (7, 2012) czasopisma Palamedes. A Journal of Ancient History



Adam Kryszeń, Towards a Reconstruction of Hittite Geography – The Case of Šalapa, 5-24

 Radosław Tarasewicz, On the Hazannu in the Neo-Babylonian and Perisan Periods, 25-42

 Stephanie West, From Volcano to Green Mountain: A Note on Cyrene’s Beginnings, 43-66

 Jerzy Żelazowski, La fondazione di Ptolemais in Cirenaica tra storia e archeologia, 67-80

 Adam Łajtar, Jovan J. Martinović, Greek Inscriptions in the Bay of Kotor (Boka Kotorska), Montenegro: „Pierres errantes’ and Object of Local Provenience, 81-107

 Przemysław Wojciechowski, In the Search of the Roman Middle Class: An Outline of the Problem, 109-116

 Piotr Berdowski, Gn. Pmpeius, the Son of Pompey the Great: An Embarassing Ally in the African War? (48-46 BC), 117-142

 Krystyna Stebnicka, Jezabel and Eudoxia – Reflections on the History of the First Conflict Between John Chrysostom and Empress Eudoxia, 143-154

 Elżbieta Szabat, The ‘Great Persecutions’ of the Pagans in 5th-Century Alexandria, 155-176


Paweł Nowakowski, The Hieros Topos in Amathous and a ‘Legal Decision’ of Augustus and Agrippa, 177-185

 Jan Prostko-Prostyński, Dio’s Immortal Cognomen: Cocceianus, 187-189


Piotr Michalowski, The Correspondence of the Kings of Ur: An Epistolary History of an Ancient Mesopotamian Kingdom (Mesopotamian Civilizations 15), Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns, 2011 (Kamil Salmanowicz), 191-197

 Amanda H. Podany, Brotherhood of Kings: How International Relations Shaped the Ancient Near East, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010 (Emanuel Pfoh), 199-202

 Martin L. West, The Making of the ‘Iliad’: Disquisition and Analytical Commentary, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011 (Marek Węcowski), 203-207

 Ancient Studies in Poland. Recent Books of Interest, 209-224

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