Zakład Historii Starożytnej IH UW serdecznie zaprasza na wykład pt. The Idea(l) of the Convivium in Varroktóry wygłosi prof. Brian Krostenko (University of Notre Dame). Wykład odbędzie się dnia 25 kwietnia 2013 r. o godz. 13:15 w sali 101. 

Streszczenie wykładu:
This talk is a close reading of (the fragments of) a satura Menippea of Varro’s preserved in Aulus Gellius. The satire presents various features of the ideal convivium. Not only does Varro describe the features of the ideal convivium: he supports every aspect of his description with a paronomasia or conceit. Verbal play was a traditional feature of the Greek symposium. In describing its Roman counterpart Varro has thus taken on a sympotic voice. But Varro is not just playing. An examination of the puns and conceits reveals that Varro is, in every case, also offering etymologies. Varro’s derivations, in this satire as elsewhere, reflect a core principle of ancient etymology: a signifier was held to reflect the true nature of the signified, and etymologizing was an act of recovering the, as it were, prelapsarian order.