Rhesis. International Journal of Linguistics, Philology and Literature is a new peer-reviewed international online journal that is divided into two streams:

Rhesis – Linguistics and Philology aims at publishing outstanding contributions in all subfields of functional linguistics that show a methodological orientation to the empirical verification of theories. It welcomes contributions in all empirically-oriented language studies with application to both classical and modern languages, and it devotes particular attention to theoretically-grounded studies in historical linguistics. It also welcomes philological studies focusing on either textual or cultural issues.

Rhesis – Literature welcomes contributions on both classical and modern literatures of the world, with a particular attention to critical innovation and interdisciplinary research. It features contributions on the diverse cultural manifestations of literature studies and related disciplines, with a special focus on hybridization and on the problematization of genres.

RHESIS Linguistics/Philology is published on a yearly basis in the month of June; RHESIS Literature is published in the month of December. Both issues will features research articles, review articles, research notes, and book reviews.
The first issue of RHESIS will be published online at the end of 2010.

Więcej informacji na stronie Dipartimento di Linguistica e Stilistica Università degli studi di Cagliari.