The Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity and The Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies of Universiy of Birmingham are proud to announce an International conference on: “Re-imagining the Past: Antiquity and Modern Greek Culture” on 27-28 June 2011. Those who are interested in presenting a paper to the conference should submit an abstract of 300 words by 30 June 2010 at the latest.

The aim of the conference is to offer new perspectives on the relationship between Modern Greece and Antiquity by exploring strategies of engagement with, appropriation, or even rejection of the ancient past. It will seek to re-examine Greek perceptions of the ancient past from the fifteenth century onwards, to re-consider different cultural or ideological uses of this past and to re-assess the contribution of antiquity to the emergence and development of modern Greek culture.  Culture in this context is defined widely and includes different forms of cultural production, identities, institutions, ideologies, diaspora perceptions and scholarly discourses.

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