W dniach 26-29 lipca 2010 naa Uniwersytecie w Exeter odbędzie się konferencja poświęcona orientalnym wersjom Romansu o Aleksandrze.
Lista referatów:
Dan Selden, Circulation of Texts in late antiquity
Faustina Doufikar-Aerts, King Midas’ Ears on Alexander’s Head. In search of the Afro-Asiatic Alexander Cycle
Corinne Jouanno, The Persians in the late Byzantine Alexander Romances: a portrayal under Turkish influences
Hendrik Boeschoten, Adventures of Alexander in medieval Turkish
Michael Axworthy, Nadir Shah and Alexander
Warwick Ball, Alexander in Central Asia
Daniel Ogden, Sikandar Dragon-Slayer
Sabine Muller, Stories of the Persian Bride: Alexander and Roxane
Agnieszka Fulinska, Oriental Elements in the Iconography of Alexander (poster presentation)
Haila Manteghi, Candace and Qaidafa Mario Casari, The King Explorer: a cosmographic approach to the Persian Alexander
Graham Anderson, Alexander and Arthur
Z.David Zuwiyya, ‘Umara’s Arabic Alexander Romance
El-Sayed Gad, Al-Tabari’s Tales of Alexander: History and Romance
Sulochana Asirvatham, Alexander the Philosopher in Greek, Persian and Arabic Traditions
Firuza Abdullaeva, Alexander’s Flying Machine
Alexandra Szalc, The Water of Life
Aleksandra Klęczar, Kingship in the Jewish versions
Olga Palagia, Macedonian Aspects of the Art of Central Asia
Emily Cottrell and Kyle Erickson, Did the Arabic Alexander Novel rely on Seleucid Sources?
Ory Amitay, Paradise and the Gymnosophists in the Talmud
Yuriko Yamanaka, The Islamized Alexander in Chinese Geographies and Encyclopaedias
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