Pasiphae is a new annual journal which aims to publish philological, epigraphic, historical and archaeological studies on the Aegean Civilisations, with a special focus on the Minoan and Mycenaean world.   Articles on the relations between the Aegean world, the Near Eastern Civilisations and those of the Central and Western Mediterranean, as well as on the legacy of Mycenaean world to the 1st millennium Greece are also welcomed. Three issues have been published so far and the fourth one is forthcoming. For the contents of the first three issues (2007, 2008 and 2009) see here.
The journal is presently seeking contributions for the future annual issues. The contributions must be sent to the following address: 
Redazione di “Pasiphae”, Fabrizio Serra Editore, via
Carlo Emanuele I, 48, 00185 Rome, Italy.